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Standard Issue    
Gadget Status First Used
Attaché Case Active From Russia, with Love
Homing Device Active Goldfinger
Phillips Keyring Finder Active The Living Daylights
Rappelling Belt Active Goldeneye
Eriksson Mobile Phone Active Tomorrow Never Dies
X-Ray Glasses Active The World is Not Enough
Inflatable Ski Coat Active The World is Not Enough
Gadget Status First Used
Seagull Snorkel Active Goldfinger
Underwater Breather Active Thunderball
Underwater Camera Active Thunderball
Waterproof Mini Flares Active Thunderball
Bug Detectors    
Gadget Status First Used
Gadget Status First Used
Camera/Tape Recorder Active  
Underwater Camera Active  
Mini Camera Active  
Ring Camera Active  
Digital Camera Active  
Gadget Status First Used
LEKTOR Decoding Device Retired -
Safe Cracker Active -
Voice Simulator Retired Diamonds Are Forever
Solex Agitator Unknown -
Cigarette Case X-Ray Machine Unknown -
3D Identigraph Active For Your Eyes Only
ATAC Coding Machine Retired -
GPS Encoder Retired -
Gadget Status First Used
Jet Pack Active Thunderball
Radioactive Pill Retired -
False Fingerprints Active -
Microfilm Viewer Active -
Piton Laser Gun Active -