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Standard Issue Attaché Case

The standard issue attaché case is a vital piece of equipment for use in the field. It is disguised as an inconspicuous briefcase. Contents include 50 Gold Sovereigns, flat throwing knives, a gas canister, rounds of ammunition and a folding snipers rifle. Highly useful piece of equipment.

At the top of the briefcase is a hidden button, which when pressed releases the attached throwing knife. The knife is flat and therefore easy to store and the action is quick so can be used in an instant.

Inside the briefcase is a folding snipers rifle. This rifle is highly powerful and has a telescopic infa-red site. The ammunition is also included in the briefcase and is housed in the "feet" of the case for covert effect. Very compact and highly accurate.


This gas canister is magnetised so that it will not drop of the roof of the briefcase. To deactivate the canister, prevent it from going off, the case opening mechanisms must be turned 90 degrees and then pushed to the side. If this is not done the canister will go off in any offenders face and will stun them for the vital seconds.
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