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Name: Admiral Sir Miles Messervy
Position Held: "M"
Age (approx.) 62
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 10st 6lbs
Hair Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Grey
Distinguishing Features: Often seen smoking a pipe
Vices: Pipe tobacco
Spoken Languages: English, Some knowledge of French and German
Status: Deceased
Long and loyal servant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, head of the 00 Section of Mi6 for many years finally retiring in the 1980's due to poor health and old age. An ex-Royal Navy Admiral he gave up the ship life to take on the role at Mi6. He was a leading figure in British intelligence in both the Second World War and the Cold War. He operated from the London HQ of Universal Exports, a cover name for the Secret Service. He was a popular figure around Mi6 and his harsh cold reputation made him feared by the agents working under him. He died in the 1980's due to old age. He was awarded the George Cross.
Known Aliases    
  • Bernard Lee - English
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