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Name: Miss Lois Moneypenny
Position Held: M's Secretary 
Age (approx.) 40's
Height: 5' 18"
Weight: 9st 2lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Non
Vices: Younger men.
Spoken Languages: English, Fluent in French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and German.

Some knowledge of Russian.

Status: Retired
Long serving secretary to M, the head of the British secret service. She started her career as a Cyper girl during the war and through her knowledge of languages was a useful asset. She joined the Secret Service at the end of the war and gradually progressed through the ranks until she became M's private secretary. A trustworthy yet flirtatious secretary she has been missed by the section. She retired from the job in the early 80's and fortunately her niece, coincidentally called Ms (Samantha) Moneypenny, undertook her job during the 90's.
Known Aliases    
  • Lois Maxwell - Canadian
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