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Dr No

Case Summary    
Agent Strangways, stationed in Station B, was investigating in secret the island of Crab Key and its owner, Dr Julius No. His colleague on the investigation was Professor Dent. He had just made a breakthrough, when he went missing. 007 was assigned to discover why. 007 found that Strangways was murdered and his report stolen. The recluse used fear tactics to keep trespassers away, but 007 infiltrated the island nonetheless. He persuaded local CIA aide, Quarrel, to take him there, where they came across a girl named Honey Ryder. Dr. No's henchmen located 007 by radar and hunted them down. Quarrel was killed by the dragon (Dr No's disguised tank and flamethrower, designed to scare the locals) and 007 and Honey were caught. Dr. No revealed that he works for S.P.E.C.T.R.E, a crime organisation which initiates terror and extortion worldwide, which was, at present, working to derail the U.S. space programme. 007 was imprisoned but he escaped and eliminated the No as he was interfering with a rocket launch. He found Honey and they escaped just prior to the lair being destroyed by a massive explosion. 
Agents on Assignment    
Agents Name


007 Active
John Strangways Deceased
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Dr Julius No

Honey Ryder



John Strangways

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Professor Dent

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