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Aston Martin DB5

With a 4.0 liter, six cylinder engine, the DB5 has a top speed of approximately 160 mph. It is designed to have a cruising speed of 115 mph. The DB5 has 15” wheels with disc brakes. The car is quite heavy, weighing almost two tons. Despite its weight, it is still a maneuverable vehicle that is capable of handling even the most difficult curves. The Aston Martin DB5 is a luxurious vehicle, coming equipped with air conditioning and power windows as standard accessories.
•An ejector seat, activated by a secret button in the gear shift.
•Bulletproof front and rear windows.
•Smokescreen and oil slick.
•.30 caliber twin retractable machine guns concealed behind the     parking lights
•Water jets in the rear.
•Revolving license plates from 3 different countries.
•Tire shredders.
•Tracking audio-visual screen on the dashboard.
•A pair of homing devices. 

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