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Name: Alec Trevelyan 006
Position Held: Chief 00 Agent, Head of Janus.
D.O.B: Unknown
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 76kg
Hair Colour: Light Brown / Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Non while with Mi6. However as a result of chemical explosion horrific scaring down right cheek.  
Vices: Women and Money
Spoken Languages: Fluent in; Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Knowledge of; Czech, Danish, Greek, Russian and Spanish

Status: Deceased
Long serving 00 Agent, worked alongside 007 for many years. He, like 007, was an orphan and it was later revealed that his parents were Liens Cossacks, (group who fought for the Nazi's during WW2, were betrayed by the British to the Russians). While on a mission in Argelensk with 007, he was shot in the head by then Russian KGB General Arkardy Ourumov. The plant was destroyed in an explosion, as the mission stated, 007 escaped. Thought to be dead he emerged nine years later as head of the Janus crime syndicate and planned to use Russian EMP weapons to steal money electronically. His henchman was ironically the man who had shot him nine years earlier, General Ourumov. Eventually was terminated by 007 (he fell several hundred feet before being crushed by the remains of a satellite dish).
Known Aliases    
  • Sean Bean - English
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